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Our Paramedical Team

Our Clinic has in house Paramedical professionals in the fields of psychology, social worker, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and dietetics and nutrition.

  • Yaniv Elharrar - MA, PhD - Psychologist

    Dr. Yaniv Elharrar, the co-director of the West Island Therapy Centre, has been working in our clinic with children, adolescents, and their families for the past 12 years. He specializes in conducting assessments (psychological, psychoeducational, developmental, custody, etc) and providing therapy and counselling. In addition, he acts as an expert consultant for various schools and school boards across Quebec.

    Dr. Elharrar obtained his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Concordia University, a Master’s degree from the Université de Montréal in Psychoéducation, and he earned his doctorate degree in Psychology from the Université du Québec a Montréal. Dr. Elharrar is also a member in good standing with the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec.

  • Lisa Piperno - PDt -Dietician

    Lisa graduated from McGill University’s school of Dietetics and Human Nutrition in 1991 and is a member of l’Ordre Professionnel des Dietetistes du Quebec-OPDQ. She has been working as a Pediatric Clinical Nutritionist at The Montreal Children’s Hospital MCH-MUHC for 23yrs and at The Children’s Care Clinic as a private nutritionist for the past 15 years.

    She specializes in both Pediatrics & Adult nutri-tion counselling and is interested helping families & individuals achieve or maintain health while taking into consideration particular conditions, if any. Throughout the years, Lisa has given many talks for parents, professionals and community on various topics.

    Areas of special interest include:

    ADD/ADHD (including medication side effects)
    Anemia or low
    Cholesterol & lipid disorders
    Diabetes: Type 1 & Type 2
    Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulemia
    Food Allergies & intolerances
    Failure to Thrive
    Feeding Disorders
    Gastroenterology: Celiac, Crohn’s, Colitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Healthy Lifestyle
    Normal nutrition for age & developmental stage
    Sports nutrition
    Weight Management

    She can be reached at or by phone at 514-998-9635.

  • Andrée Simard - M.Ps., O.P.Q. - Psychologist

    Andrée Simard, psychologist, has been part of the Children’s Care Clinic team for over 15 years. She obtain her Masters degree in psychology from the University of Montreal. She has been practicing as a psychologist for over 25 years in the university, hospital and school environments in both Montreal and Ottawa.
    Her areas of expertise are:
    -psycho-educational evaluation for ADHD, learning difficulties and school and professional development.
    -treatment of anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem, etc.
    She treats children,adolescents and adults both individually, as couples or families. She practices in both official languages.