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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Identity

We are a privately owned and operated pediatric medical clinic committed to fulfilling the health care needs of our patients.
We are dedicated to providing our services in an ethical, innovative and caring manner.

Our Vision

To promote and facilitate the good health and well being of our patients.
To encourage routine scheduled examinations and vaccinations.
To provide extended and accessible services for urgent medical needs.
To conduct a thorough history and physical examination, in order to arrive at an accurate medical diagnosis and establish an appropriate treatment plan, emphasizing prevention whenever possible.
To address the psychological and social health needs of our patients, identifying areas of concern and providing referrals to appropriate professionals or facilities when necessary.
To educate our patients about current issues in pediatric medicine, their disease process and treatment modalities available.
To communicate on a regular basis with, and act as a liaison between other partners in the health community.
To participate in approved research studies designed to advance our knowledge of pediatric health care.

Our Values

We believe in the dignity and well being of our patients and their families.
We strive for excellence in care by using current practices that conform to accepted standards and apply the principles of evidence-based medicine.
We communicate with our patients in an open and honest, sensitive and confidential manner.
We respect a patient’s individual needs in our multicultural and multilingual community.
We provide a safe, comfortable environment where patients are treated in a respectful, dignified and friendly manner.
We respect personal and professional integrity, encourage staff input in decision-making and recognize their contributions to our common mission.