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Pediatrics is a speciality medicine focused on treating children with a persisting medical issue. If your child is healthy, a general practitioner or family doctor can preside over your child's health.

New patients are accepted by consultation only. Please send your referral by fax to (514) 696-2442.

In order to book an appointment on line;

1) Your child must already be registered with the clinic.
2) You will require your child's Medicare (RAMQ) card.
3) The mobile phone associated with your child's file

Appointments may be taken for Routine for Follow-up examinations or for Minor Emergencies.
Telehealth appointments are an excellent means to discuss certain issues such as changes in medication for ADHD or behaviour issues. For most issues an onsite appointment is preferred.

Routine or Follow up Examinations

You would like to schedule an appointment with your child pediatrician to discuss a new or ongoing health issue.

Examples of health issues include
weight or growth, asthma, ADHD, behavior issues, questions about development or school, skin conditions, abdominal pain, etc.

You must have a medical issue to discuss with your pediatrician.

Minor Emergencies

Your child requires a consultation within 24 hours for a recent health problem. e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, asthma, injury, diarrhea and vomiting, rash.

Minor emergencies appointments should NOT be used for renewal of medications, or to discuss school or behavior issues. Please book a Routine visit to discuss those issues.